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Custom Typefaces

Custom type can be a great addition to your visual identity. We accept commissions for custom typefaces, logotypes, as well as modifications to our released typefaces. This can range from just modifying a few characters to adding new styles or alphabets like Cyrillic.

If you're not sure what you need, simply get in touch with us and we can help steer you in the right direction.



Font Licensing

Purchasing a font is very similar to purchasing a piece of software. What you're really purchasing is the license to use those font files, not just the digital files themselves. You need to ensure you have enough licenses to cover the use of all computers, website visitors, or developers that will be using them. By downloading and/or installing our fonts, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions of our license agreements. 

We have 3 separate license options for our font and typeface products. Detailed information on each option is available below.

Desktop License → 
Webfont License →
Mobile App License → 


Desktop license

Our desktop license allows you to use our fonts and/or typefaces for creating printed documents, logos, website graphics, and so on. Desktop licenses grant you the right to install our font(s) on a certain number of computers and locations in your organisation. More information and binding details can be found in our Desktop License →

Webfont License

Our webfont license allows you to use our typefaces on websites with the @font-face technology. Webfonts are licensed for a certain number of website visitors per month. This license determines that you take reasonable measures against hotlinking and direct access to font files. Furthermore, any modifications or font file conversions are prohibited. More information and binding details can be found in our Webfont License →

Mobile App License

Our mobile app license grants you the right to dynamically embed our fonts in your application. Mobile app fonts are licensed for a certain number of developers and valid across most operating systems. Further information and binding details can be found in the Mobile App License →



Legal Information

Copyright: Studio Buchanan, 2017.

All rights reserved. Unless stated otherwise, all contents featured on this website remain the intellectual property of Studio Buchanan. It is not permitted to publish, reproduce or distribute any images or text without prior written consent by Studio Buchanan.